Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Facebook or not to...?

Facebook has it's fans and it's detractors. I am both. My personal Facebook page is not my favorite place to hang out because I actually prefer face to face interactions  and activities - gasp!

The same goes for my business life. It's part of why I love doing video - I get to meet great people and go to interesting places.Yes, good old fashioned reality that isn't a TV show - going places, doing things, experiencing life in 3D (no glasses necessary.)

However, in business, as in life,  Facebook has it's place and can be a great way to connect to other people, businesses, and organizations. Here is  our Facebook page still in infancy (feel free to connect!)

Now, by organizations I mean places like non-profits, those amazing entities whose only mission is to do good things - for motives other than making a profit - WOW! I confess that these are some of my personal favorite clients and collaborators and I find non-stop motivation and excitement when creating a video project with a committed and generous bunch of folks like that. Below is an example. 

Working for the Maine Philanthropy Center,  I was asked to take an amazing written piece and bring it to life. It was written and performed by Mark Swann, Executive Director of Preble Street in Portland, Maine. What does his organization do? They "create solutions for homelessness, hunger, and poverty." Now that is work worth crowing about - on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

What I do for a living may not be as impressive as all that, and I do try to run my business for-profit. However, I am quite proud of this one and get enormous satisfaction in knowing that in some small way I have contributed to such a lofty mission. Here is the video we created together. I hope in some way it helps people and I also hope it finds a way to connect me to other dedicated folks, working to create good in the world. And yes - I also posted it on Facebook!

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